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Goniotomy with Kahook Dual Blade

A Goniotomy Surgery can be done with cataract surgery or (rarely) can be done as a stand-alone procedure. This surgery removes a portion of the filtering tissue (trabecular meshwork) that overlies the drain from the eye. By removing this tissue, the resistance to fluid outflow is reduced and pressure can be lowered. The filtering tissue can bleed a little when removed and there is some risk of blood flowing into the eye after this filtering tissue is removed (highest in the first 1-2 weeks). Generally, having blood in the eye is not dangerous but makes the vision blurry. The risk of blood entering the eye can be reduced by keeping your head above the level of your heart (including sleeping on a couple pillows at night) for the first 2 weeks after surgery. There are multiple methods that can be used to perform Goniotomy including Kahook dual blade, Omni and GATT.

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