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  • We offer small-incision suture-less cataract surgery.  The doctors at Alameda Eye Physicians offer the latest advances in cataract surgery.  We encourage patients to discuss with their surgeon regarding the choices of intra-ocular lenses.

  • To read more about cataract surgery, please click here

  • We offer premium lens options for cataract surgery to reduce the dependency on glasses.  TORIC intra-ocular lens reduce or eliminate astigmatism.  Introduce the innovative multi-focal IOL (Panoptix IOL)  to reduce or eliminate the need for glasses for distant, intermediate, and near vision.  Your surgeon will help you choosing the best option for you.  These lens may not be appropriate for all patients,  Even if you choose not to have a premium lens, you will still able to achieve an excellent visual outcome.  

  • To read about premium lens option for cataract surgery, please click here

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